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Friday, April 9, 2010

Back On Terra Firma

When Worlds Collide.

Jim parks Morpheus in the "front row" and we walk across the dock into the San Diego Yacht Club. Over our first beer on land I tell Brian that I am feeling a bit "landsick" - the room feels like it is moving. Brian confidently explains it all to me - "Oh no. The clubhouse is built on a floating platform. It really is moving." Brian believes this. Only one problem - the clubhouse is built on a foundation on land.

Captain Jim takes the delivery crew and wives to dinner at at the Third Corner to celebrate our arrival in San Diego. Three worlds collide. Among the crew is golfing buddy Dan and nephew / Escanaba Pail Ale brew crew Brian. We are joined by friend and Timbuktu travel buddies Wes and Susan.

The restaurant employs a great concept. Tables are situated in the midst of a retail wine store. You walk around, grab any wines that suit your fancy and they uncork them at the table. It also helps that the food is excellent. We enjoy a Nickel & Nickel Truchard, Trione Chardonnay, JC Cellars Petite Syrah, Elyse Petite Syrah 06, and a Shea Pinot 07, among others by the glass.

Seinfeld notwithstanding, no worlds are destroyed.

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