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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brian's Morpheus Blog
Sea-date 04/07/10
Anchors Away Turtle Bay

9 - ish:

Everyone was up and about the boat by 8:00. We were surprised to find that a majority of the boats had departed, considering we were still experiencing 30 knot winds. Captain Jim thought we should wait for the winds to die down and plan on an afternoon departure. Mike and Dan called Enrique for a ride into town, in search of an internet cafe to update the blog and to catch up on e-mail. I stayed on board to help Jim prepare the boat for departure. We knew we had plenty of time before #2 and #3 (Dan & Mike) returned, so we worked at a leisurely pace. Did I mention the that the two geniuses forgot to bring the garbage into town with them?

Jim and I cleaned the head (bathroom for you landlubbers), strapped down the gas tanks & cooler, put loose objects away, and did a few other things. We determined that we had earned a beer. I lay down to rest my eyes and Jim started to make brunch.

11:30 - ish.

Mike & Dan returned. I went on deck to greet them and to make sure the garbage was passed to Enrique. They were just in time for brunch. Jim mad scrambled eggs mixed with onions, tomatoes, sausage, and cheese. This was served with fresh flout tortillas and jalapenos. Second breakfast was thick pancakes and syrup. It was a very good brunch and we were stuffed. After breakfast a group decision was reached to immerse ourselves in the Mexican culture by taking an afternoon siesta. It was a great idea.

2 - ish:

Captain Jim was still asleep and the wind had died down. Mike wanted me to wake him up, but I felt he should wake up on his own. So I went on deck and walked from the bow to the stern and back a couple times. Jim then woke up on his own and decided it was time to set sail. I don't think my footsteps had anything to do with waking him up.

Mike and I took the cover off the sail and undid the sail ties. I connected the rope to the main sail.. Mike and Dan pulled up the anchor. A few comical pictures picture of mike bending over in front of Dan were taken, but were later deleted by Mike for some reason. Once the anchor was up, we hoisted the main sail and headed North with me at the helm for the first hour. A dolphin escorted us out of Turtle Bay.

We stayed on course, don't doubt me.

Watch times were reassigned. Jim 4-6 PM, Me 6-8 PM, Mike 8-10 PM, Dan 10-12 PM and so on. After my first watch I took a nap to be ready for my 2am -4am watch.

Mike tried fishing again and did not catch anything. The course I steered us was blamed for the failure. That pretty much wraps up April 7.

350 nautical miles to San Diego. - Brian

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