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Friday, October 5, 2007

Today's critter challenge

I am looking for an ID of this guy crawling on the window sill next to my elbow.

UPDATE: 10/08/07 No definitive winner in the comments. Current thinking - Clearly of the Thomasidae "Crab Spider" Family, but undecided between the Genus Bassaniana or the Xysticus. I am leaning to Bassaniana.


Anonymous said...

I call it N A S T Y!!! It reminds me of the snake swimming across the lake earlier this summer...... except this one is in the cabin.
QQuestion - what did you do with it?

mw said...

"what did you do with it?

There are very limited options. We went with a light breading in flour after dipping in egg and milk, then deep frying in corn oil. A little salt and pepper, but not too heavy and being very careful not to overcook. It has a delicate flavor that can be lost with too much heat or too much spice.

Anonymous said...