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Monday, May 24, 2010

Shag Cam Configuration

Given that I cannot figure out how to get Ustream to recognize the iMac external camera, The Reader may be wondering how we are getting the current shot on Shag Cam. Here you go. 

We are going fishing for a couple hours. Shag Cam should be fine as long as there are no surprise thunderstorms.

Or... No wandering yoopers who decide they would like to take home an obsolete iMac.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre


Jeff Carlson said...

It seems aliens have left Crop Circles in the Muck. Either that or a Hodag has gotten lost.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope a mild breeze doesn't knock the delicately balanced imac off the plastic lawn chair, delicately balanced on the plastic lawn table.

mw said...

Yes, let us hope. The iMac does have something of a sail-like quality. And the wind is picking up.

Sean Rea said...

The best thing that could happen to the iMac is for it to be dropped into the lake. Unfortunately I am doubtful that it would be as beneficial to the lake.

Perhaps gift it to brother, I am sure he would worship it as the divine creation of Steve Jobs that it is.

mw said...

I will tolerate no racism, sexism or religious intolerance on this blog. As you should know, this is a long standing policy. All are welcome here - Jews, Muslims, Presbyterians, Papists, Hindu, Mormon, Druids, Wyccans, and yes - even Jobosians.

Frankly, I am surprised and disappointed in you. Making fun of other religious beliefs does not seem consistent with your liberal sensibilities. Sure - the beliefs and sacraments of the Jobosians seem weird and almost laughable to any rational human being.

But let us be honest - are their beliefs really any stranger than say - the scientologists belief in Xenu? Ok - the Jobosians are admittedly weirder than scientologists. No matter. Intolerance is intolerance. I insist you apologize to Anon for insulting their religion.

Sean Rea said...

Oh, OKAY than. Many apologies to Anon -- I had no idea it was your brother hiding behind an electronic cloak of anonymity.

If only he had the courage to put his name behind his words.

Harlan Wallach said...

I suppose I should pay closer attention to this blog, but no - I am not anon. Although I do agree with anon's sentiments, as It was MW and myself that purchased the imac for Papa five years. It is amazing that the apple hardware for a cheap computer like that is so robust.