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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grilled Blugs and Escanaba Pail Ale Bottles #16 and #22

We lost count of how many bluegills we caught, cleaned, prepared and ate. At least two dozen. Among them was the beauty on the top of this post - almost 9". Impossible to say for sure whether Dad or I caught this one, but I think it was me. Jonah contributed a Shag Lake Blue, as well as a rare long neck speckled river bluegill.

Once again we continue to develop the technique for grilled bluegill. Full documentation in the form of yet another Fish Fry Grill Video will be forthcoming. Consider this excerpt a preview of coming attractions:

Dinner included baked potatoes and fresh green beans.

With such a fine repast, we decided to break into the stores of the EPA, and as per Matt's instructions - "Drink it up this summer!" started with the Rea allocation.

Matt traded his Shag bottle for the one we consumed in SF during his visit, so I drank his. HDW chose to drink Kirby's bottle #22. This was HDW's first sample of last fall's home brew. His review:


Sean Rea said...

"HDW chose to drink Kirby's bottle #22"


Did you present him with the list so that he could pick which Rea boy to slight first?

Sean Rea said...

Also, please let HW that I have recently inherited a large sum of money but will need the appropriate account details (bank account username + password will suffice) before I can make a funds transfer. This is a time sensitive offer and I cannot promise that the funds will remain available to him in perpetuity.

Glad you are enjoying the Rea boys' allocation -- I just now saw the video.

mw said...

No need to present the list. As you may recall, each bottle is labeled with the owner. this made it easy to line up the Rea boys allocation. Drinking Kirby's bottle first just seemed to be the right decision.

Regarding the high finance transactions in which you and Harlan are engaged, please leave me out of the negotiations. I am unhappy enough that Harlan chose to partner with you over me on this lucrative deal. Don't blow this opportunity.

Sean Rea said...


It is unfortunate that you have chosen to back out of the negotiations. From your hostile stance I presume Harlan did not inform you that he previously agreed to offer you a 25% of his takings in return for your services?

Anonymous said...

is # 11 still there?