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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dock extension project underway done

The same, but different

The project is underway -

And live on ShagCam!

UPDATE: Nevermind. It's done. I forgot I changed the blog settings to update e-mail posts in draft mode, and this did not post when I sent it.

Dock is done now, and is still - Live on ShagCam!

UPDATE II: Added some pictures.

Papa properly inaugurates the new doc.
Even though it is a bit on the warm side.

-- Some of this sent from my Palm Pre


Anonymous said...

bravo! bravo! even saw the papa fishing off the new section of dock. looks great and doesnt seem to extend to the center of the bay. bravo. just saw a puppy and other black dog out there on the dock. they seem to like it. too.

Sean Rea said...

Am I missing something? It appears as though you have to commandeer the boat to get to the far section of the dock.

mw said...

Don't be ridiculous Sean. Do you really believe that we would design the dock so a boat is required to get from one section to the next? C'mon!

That distance can easily be covered with a running leap.

mw said...

Those are the Dompierre's dogs. The little one is a quite annoying yapper. Gryf will probably eat it.

Sean Rea said...

I see now; there must have been a content update. Earlier versions of this post claimed the dock was complete but the only image was of an incomplete dock.

Congrats -- have you drained the party pig yet?