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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fish Fry Grill

Dad's bass was not the only fishing success on the day. He also upped the bluegill count to 10, crossing the threshold for a fry - so our dinner plans were set. The bass was filleted and frozen to wait another meal - another day.

Before moving on to the blug story, let us first complete the usual over-documentation of his fine opening day bass.

The blugs were cleaned per my usual preferred methodology, by gutting, de-finning, and scaling the small fry rather than waste anything on "one bite" fillets.

Blugs on death row awaiting execution

A blug-eye view of the executioner

Dad was worried about eating fried bluegills (No... really... he was. I know.) So I thought I'd try an experiment. The blugs were breaded as per my new preferred methodology (dust with flour, egg dip, then coat with Italian bread crumbs - coincidentally the same technique I now prefer for abalone). Five were fried in oil as usual. The other five were lightly sprayed with oil then put on the grill.
The verdict?
"Excellent. You can taste a difference since cooking in grease adds some flavor, but it is not a big difference and - to the tell the truth - I prefer the grilled." - SJW
A perfect grilled blug fillet - filleted after cooking, by simply lifting out the bones.

Rail House IPA, garlic rice, baked potato, blugs.

A fine repast.

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