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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dock Dilemma

I was contacted by several members of the Shag Security Council expressing strong opposition to my preliminary plan of moving the dock another 12 feet closer to the water. The new revised and improved plan entails leaving the dock stub in place to bridge the muck, and adding a new additional segment to the dock. This will be the second expansion in three years, as the water continues to recede.

Although needed materials were located at Ace hardware in Gwinn, it proved impossible to secure and deliver the needed lumber, tools and adequate help before Monday or Tuesday. The project was made more difficult when the migrant laborers usually employed for a task of this nature failed to show up this year. I can only surmise they confused Michigan's immigration policies with Arizona. In any case, I found it too humiliating to live at Camp with a dock that does not actually ever make it to the water, so went ahead and installed the two additional existing sections, so we will have a dock that actually functions as a dock until the new section is completed.

Water level is 7" at the end of the existing dock with the measuring pole sitting on the right base. I don't expect to pick up more than an inch or two more with the 12 foot extension.

Nevertheless - a dramatically improved fishing platform that should increase the fishing prospects from the dock:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the dock looks great. this view of dad on the dock fishing ... (rose colored glasses- in place)...takes me back to past years and I can imagine easily deeper water. thanks for the updates!