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Friday, May 9, 2008

Alert the New York Times!

Zach picked a 10 inch plus Ab. For real this time.

More trophy pics from HDW & special reply to the anonymous commenter on this post. Unlike some previous sloppy reporting by the New York Times, your loyal blogger has double checked all sources and independently verified all claims made in this post

It is hard to see in this picture,as the tape measure is not laying across the longest line, but after careful inspection I can confirm this is a 10 3/16" Abalone.

Zach proudly shows what he's got.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Zach's credibility on this issue is not the greatest. The viewers need more photos, with measurements, and third party verification. Please.

mw said...

Your skepticism is understandable, and frankly warranted. Zach's is a well known Abalone exaggerator. We do have more pictures but are on a low bandwidth dial-up connection, so more pics may have to wait.