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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot tubbing

Roy brian and whitney relaxing after a long day


mw said...

I think the correct spelling is hot "Tubbing". Although I guess it would depend on... um... nevermind.

Harlan Wallach said...

Brian has always felt that spelling was an optional activity in his updates.

Thank goodness the light was as dark as it was. In the future this is probably activity to post in your facebook and myspace pages and leave this for Shag updates of import.

Brian said...

Sometimes it is just easier to spell things the way I want to, its one of the great things about being the author...I was originally not going to document the relaxing activity, but mw instructed me to do so. I am binded to carry out his wishes while under his rule.

mw said...

HW - Are you finally home? Or checking in on a layover?

Why would hot tubbing not be considered a "Shag update of Import"?

I consider this important research for the impending Shag Camp Renovation discussion. A Hot Tub may be added to the wish list.

Anyway, glad you are home safe and sound.