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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Travel

A glorious morning, awakened by he roosters and livestock as they are released from the central corral at dawn. After a breakfast of eggs and oatmeal, we bid farewell to our hosts and walk out of the camp past baobab trees and curious locals. The crew breaks down the camp and reloads the cruisers.

A Catholic church decorated in the Gurunsi tradition is the first stop on a long travel day heading back North. Back to Ouagadougou for lunch in the hope of retrieving Bart and Cindy's lost luggage. Lunch was good, but Air France is still holding the luggage hostage. B & C stay in Ouagadougou with Yuouga and one car to wait them out.

We proceed North to Ouahigouya visiting Falani semi nomadic camps and a Mossi family farm along the way. Interesting specialization among the different ethnic groups in the same regions. The nomadic Falani always are associated with cattle, sheep and goats, while the Mossi are more traditional farmers and growers. The Falani will often manage the cattle owned by Mossi, but there can also be conflict when Falani cattle wander onto Mossi farms to graze.

At Ouahigouya, we stay at Hotel Amite'. A bit grim, with an AC that is not quite as loud as a 737 taking off, but a nice view of the sunset over the river. Only problem is that the hot water does not make it to the third floor in the morning. And we were staying on the third floor. Actually that was not the only problem, but we still welcomed the bed and cold shower after our first night of camping.

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