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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Destination Dakar

The first light view that greeted us from our new "room with a view" at the Sofitel Dakar. Better than the Sheraton Heathrow, but less than we expected.

Zooming in to the shack in the corner of the vacant lot. I could not figure out what this guy was doing. I think he was cleaning rugs from the hotel. This must be his business. He was at it most of the day. Very hard working.

The view from the other side of the hotel looking at the hotel pool and the Atlantic. This was the view we were expecting. Sigrid has begun a a campaign to get our room moved. French hotel, French attitude, it is going to be tough. I'm betting on Sigrid.

This is Kamu, one of the many, many entrepreneurs ready and willing to help tourists emerging from the hotel. Many many many. We went for a walk to explore the area near the hotel. Kamu kept walking with us and offering to tell us about what we were seeing and suggesting directions. We kept telling him that we did not need a guide, we were just going to get some lunch. He just kept walking with us, smiling and offering suggestions and tips. Net net - we spent two hours with him exploring the neighborhood, a large African market, and paying him for his service. First rule of sales - "The selling starts when the client says no.". I think the Senegalese invented that rule.

This was his suggestion for a good local restaurant offering inexpensive Senegalese food.

Our first real Senegalese meal it is [INSERT FRENCH FOR FISH WITH RICE HERE], Sigrid ordered the [INSERT FRENCH FOR CHICKEN WITH RICE HERE]. Delicious. No ill effects as of this post.

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