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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ouagadougou overland

Our new hotel is the OK Inn Ouagadougou. A nice hotel but quite a bit less luxurious than the Sofitel in Dakar. Nice pool and grounds, clean room, good water, air conditioning, excellent food in the restaurant. It reminds me of the Menominee Howard Johnson, except for the food part. The hotel is located at the end of a long truck park off of the main drag. Many trucks stop here.

Ok Inn Pool

We visited a government sponsored, Artisan Village Sunday Morning. Picked up a hand crafted recycled paper journal for the sans-internet portion of the tour.

At dinner we met our guide “Paul” and tour companions for the the Mountain Sobek overland Mali tour. Paul is an interesting character, from the Togo tribe and having done post graduate work on the oral tradition parables of the animinst Ewe tribe. We understand his work is a reference. Big smile, very self assured and friendly. Interesting group too: Ten in all.- A potter, a lawyer, a dentist, a producer, a banker –all Americans, half Californians, all adventure travelers. There is no internet availability in the room, but a WiFi access point in the lobby. Internet access is charged by the minute, so we are creating journal entries off-line, in the hope that we will indeed be able to connect later and update everyone. If you are reading this, it worked. It will also likely be the last of our internet connections until Timbuktu. It looks like a great trip, and we start in the morning early. See you in Timbuktu.

I chat up a local on the hotel grounds.