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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Art Adventure

We hire a cab for the day (about $40 for an air-conditioned cab), to visit the fishing village of Yoff, and (first stop) the Typic Arts Gallery "présente l’expo ‘’Ouverture‘’ regroupant 27 artistes sénégalais et étrangers à la Galerie Léopold Sédar SENGHOR du Village des Arts, sur la route de l’aéroport." The Village des Arts is comprised of a variety of open artist studios and the gallery featuring some of their work.

Our driver (left) and cab

The taxi ride through the streets of Dakar is where the adventure comes in. Later I will update with a video snippet of the ride, but in the meantime this self-portrait of fear in the back of the cab will have to suffice.

Director Omar Diack gives us a tour.

In the gallery

A painting I liked - by Tia Mbaye (I think)

Artist at work

We were enamored of this ceramicists work (Alpha Sow) and may go back and buy one of his pieces on Friday.

Our driver awaits.

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