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Friday, November 23, 2007

Departing Dogon country

On our second night in the Dogon campsite, I did my best to treat and protect Sigrid’s various foot injuries and maladies. She was not a happy camper and wisely decided to forego the morning climb to the Gomou village in the cliffs above the camp. The village is located in the cliffs on and below the site of a Tellem village that pre-dates the Dogon.

Once again we were given the option to have a "helper" accompany us for the climb. I did not hesitate and selected one of our guys from the previous day’s hike to carry my water bottle. I renamed him “Rush Limbaugh” as he was carrying water for the only Republican on the tour. There were a few vertigo-inducing gaps in the rock we had to cross, but all in all, it was a much easier and shorter climb than the previous day.

We toured the village clinging to the cliff, taking in sights like the communal kitchen, millet beer fermenting in a pot, village hunters trophy display (above), and the water source in a small cave that make habitation at this location possible. I noticed Jan looking at at a small clay pot in a small market set up for our benefit (left), and got interested when she decided not to buy. I begged her to reconsider, but when she declined, I decided we had to have it. Paul and the local guide said it could be Tellem or a Dogon piece from the Tellem era. It could also be a new work made to look old. Who knows? It is an interesting piece.

'Rush' carrying my water bottle and the clay pot.

Sigrid also did some shopping in a camp side market, and bought a hand carved Granary door. Our extra “collectibles” duffel bag is close to full.

Jan surveys the valley and Tellem ruins in the far cliffs.

The crew broke the camp down while we were climbing and we pulled out immediately after our return to camp. On the drive out, we stop at a bluff top outlook overlooking a valley and spectacular ruins of cliff dwelling Tellem villages on the opposite bluff.

We drive to Hotel Le Cheval Blanc in Bandiagara. The rooms are dome shaped with small portholes instead of windows and invoke fanciful comparison to Hobbit homes in the Shire. The hotel is run by a Frenchman and we enjoyed excellent food and live local music after dinner.

Placeholder photo to be replaced with video, as soon as I get the sand cleaned out of my video camera.

UPDATE: 01-Feb-09
Finally got around to it. This is a compilation of video and some of Sigrid's pictures from the trip, with the background music of "Dogoquine Ouloun" recorded this night at Hotel Le Cheval Blanc.

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