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Monday, November 26, 2007

River Camp

Maria on watch as we cross Lake Debo.

Up and rolling around 7:15. We've repacked our bags in order to consolidate camp gear for the river trip. Breakfast is mediocre, and guests are nickel and dimed by the hotel (example: milk on the cornflakes cost extra). Just one more indignity by the Hotel Relais Kanaga. It is about a 10 click drive to Konna, where we meet and load the Pinasse that will take us up the Niger River to Niafounke.

In the pinasse.

The cruise up the river is pleasant, as we leisurely enjoying sights and scenes floating through shallow grassy marshes, delta mazes, and across Lake Debo. Some scenes along the river:

Egrets, heron, plover and kingfishers with black and white markings are all along the river.

Men fishing with nets, lines, and baskets, plying the river in pirogues, dugouts, and larger boats of every shape, size, and configuration.

We visit several villages including Gouna, Aka, Siebi, and Sibo, mostly Bozo, but some Filani. Paul explains again the specialization among the ethnic groups. Bozo primarily fish, while the Filani make their living from owning and tending cattle. Some sights from the villages:

Jan and her fans.


Wes and kids

Fisherman and net

Young and old goat.

The reader may be wondering how I remembered the names of the villages...

Easy. I used the same cheat sheet as our guide.

It is a good day to relax, enjoy the scenery and get caught up on the journal.

We make camp on a flood plain as the sun sets on the far side of the river. Main course for dinner was beautifully grilled Capitan. It was delicious. I eat more than my share. We were happy to learn that room was found on the boat for our liquor supply, so we enjoy wine with dinner and cap off the meal with an after dinner scotch.

River Camp - 360 degree panorama - click image to enlarge

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