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Monday, November 19, 2012

Turmi to Jinka and Sigrid's Birthday

Relaxing at the Eco Omo Lodge
 Itinerary - Day 17: Monday, November 19: Turmi Market-Jinka
In the morning we will drive to Jinka en-route visiting Turmi Market. At Turmi will visit the colorful weekly Turmi Market. The town of Keyafer hosts multi-cultural market that is as colorful as any other in the region is. Here every Monday, the Hamer, the Karo and Bena people come walking for miles for this weekelt market. After our visit to the market, we will head towards Jinka where we will be staying two nights.
Turmi to Jinka
I was feeling a bit better by morning, but it was a rough night and we hoped to delay departure from the Buska lodge to give me more time to recover. The Buska lodge would not let us extend past 11:00, despite the fact that they poisoned me.  We hit the road before noon. The manager did send over some toast with local honey saying that would help.  So - there is that.

We decided to make one stop at a market then drive straight to Jinka.  I'm not sure whether this market was in Turmi and Keyafer, but it was just getting started, so not too crazy.  Saw some nice hand crafted items and Sigrid found some good photo ops.

We arrive at the Eco Omo Lodge in late afternoon.

Eco Omo Lodge
Neri River
Pet Dik-Dik at the lodge
Yohanes and Alxe insist we meet at the restaurant at 6:30.  They show up sporting big smiles. Shortly, Tamara (one of the owner) walks out with a birthday cake and the staff in tow singing Happy Birthday. It's a black forest chocolate cake and Tamara baked it herself.

Birthday Girl and Cake
Celebrating Sigrid's birthday in exotic locations has become a regular event.  In 2007 we celebrated in a Burkina Faso village, and in 2006 - diving in Papua New Guinea.

We toasted the birthday girl and shared the cake with other guests. Sigrid opened cards from Laurie and presents from the boys.  I'm not saying they made me look bad, but they kind of made me look bad.

Editor's Note: I intend to pre-load and schedule automated blog posts with the daily itinerary for our Ethiopian adventure. For those interested, this may be an easy way to follow along. Since we will not have internet access for most of the trip, my hope is this will make it easier to add some pics and journal commentary if and when we run across an internet connection. If there are no pics or commentary, you'll just have to wait until we get back. We'll see how it goes. UPDATED

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Laurie said...

Hoping Sigrid's Birthday was fabulous. So anxious for the photos.Raining in Tacoma, just in case you were wondering. :)