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Thursday, November 1, 2012

London Landfall

The coolest part of the flight from SFO => LHR: Catching a glimpse of dim but discernible Northern Lights as we cut across Southern Greenland.

 Landed at Heathrow around 11:30. All in all, the flight was not bad, we each got 2 - 3 hours sleep.

We're just staying in London one night to break up the long haul to Ethiopia, and feeling pretty good as we checked in at the Millennium Bailey Kensington.  The trick to getting the internal clock on the right timezone is staying awake until after dinner - no naps.

The phone and text functions of my  HTC Evo stopped working as soon as we left the US, but the WIFI  in the hotel ensures it is still a useful helper brain and posting tool. We are thinking Indian food  for dinner and google maps makes it stupid easy. A few keystrokes identifies  five prospective restaurants in easy walking distance.

We just need to hold out a couple more hours.

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Harlan said...

no pics of the northern lights ?

mw said...

Too dark and dim to try and get anything out of scratched up 767 porthole.