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Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the topic of holes

Papa has successfully implemented the Obama stimulus blueprint at the lake - to whit - Pay to dig holes, then pay to fill them in.

In related news... We appear to have no power in the shed. I am still trying to figure out why.

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Brian said...

There was definitly power when I left...Maybe when they filled in the whole they hit the wire? Any trees look like they could have fallen on it??

Harlan Wallach said...

We had to lift the shed wire when the back hoe was digging the hole. My guess is that shed wire caught on the back hoe when it was back to fill the hole. That wire was always precarious anyway. It needs to be run underground.

Bruce Aho said...

Really enjoyed the latest pictures and stories from "Mutal Fun Inn". I understand that you are planning on a major expansion of the cottage. What kind of rooms are you adding? I'm sure it will be nice to have more room there when finished. Wish I was at our cottage right now!

Bruce Aho said...

Really enjoyed the pictures and stories from your latest exursion to the "Mutual Fun Inn". Wish I was up at our cottage right now. Hope all goes well with the expansion there, what kind of rooms are you adding?

mw said...

Hi Bruce,
Glad you are enjoying it. The patriarch has delegated the camp addition design to the four of us - so getting a consensus has been fun. Plus we need to work within the constraints of what zoning, septic, and old foundations will permit. So - short answer - we're not sure yet, but probably adding a bedroom and a den.

Say hi to Robert for me.