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Monday, September 6, 2010

BREAKING: Only person on planet to not see "Avatar" buys ticket...

...and enters theater. I am wearing my IMAX 3D glasses. So far, there is no noticible enhancement in the real world. Details at 11.

Really enjoyed it. Good flick, fun, obviously great effects and an engaging story, even with the predictable plot, embarrassing eco-spirits and plot holes.

Being so late to see the movie, I could not avoid going in without a few pre-conceived notions. I was afraid the effects would not live up to the high expectations, but they did. Really extraordinary. Science Fiction is about taking you into another world, and Avatar delivered. I also went in expecting a caricatured ham-handed political message, and while Cameron certainly delivered on that score, it did not detract from the experience.

I'd definitely add this to my list of all time favorite Sci-Fi movies, although it would not quite make it into my top 5. Still, I'm sure I'll see it again, but probably not in 3-D - I still find it gimmicky.

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Sean Rea said...

They got to you? I don't know if I can trust you anymore, you've been compromised.

I still remain untainted by this "film".

mw said...

I cannot believe you are still holding out. You have to be careful - Now that they know, they will come for you and make you watch Malcolm McDowell style in Clockwork Orange (Another SciFi movie that is better than this one).

Sean Rea said...

Admit it, that was just an attempt to force a page hit on your political blog. But yes, that is a good movie, and I -will- have to watch out in the future.