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Friday, September 17, 2010

Camp Mysteries

Whither the monarch?

There are always mysteries awaiting us at the end-of-season camp closing trip.

So many questions...

Edible or not?

What is this for?

Who's hat? And why was it left on the deck in the rain?

Who broke the handle?

What is this? Who does it belong to? Do they want it back?

Why would anyone leave the green cushion out in the rain for weeks at a time?

Why would Brian risk the wrath of the Shag Security Council by continuing to melt glass in the fire pit in direct contravention to Shag bylaws?

Edible or not?

What happened to the second fish basket?

Some mysteries can never be solved.


Robyn said...

I can't solve all of your lake mysteries. but I can help with two.

The hat is mine. it is a good hat with great uv protection qualities and I did not intend to leave it at the cabin let alone on the deck. Please bring it in out of the rain.
Both Jinx and Camper's ashes are buried under the oak tree. The temporary decoration under the oak tree served its purpose (you noticed it) to remind all that the tree is special and must be protected during the upcoming demolition & construction of the new addition for the cabin.

Harlan Wallach said...

I took this pic:

to document how we found the fridge door upon arrviel. IT appeared to me a fix had been attempted and went bad. I also took this pic:

Don't eat them - they are not edible.

To show this was broken too. I was able to fix the door puller on the back door though.(I think).

If I don't get up there bring me my laptop charger, and the kids academic book bag.

Robyn said...

truly a lake mystery!!,
since both items were fine when i departed , and as far as I am aware nobody was staying at the cabin between our visit and harlans visit, it will remain an extraorindary mystery, one that will puzzle us for years to come.
mike you should write a novel, mysterious cabin-mysterious lake. It should be a best seller.

Robyn said...

I dont recall any rules just opinions about the melting of glass in the pit. I dont have a problem with this cool art form. Uncle sid created some very interesting pieces and I would guess brian was very impressed and wanted to continue this art form at the cabin.

mw said...

No, that was a rule. In fact - it violates two rules . The rules are: "Nothing but wood and paper in the firepit." and "No garbage left behind." It is unsightly and a hazard. I - like others - walk around barefoot in the front yard. Small shards of broken glass will migrate from the fire pit.

Now I'll be picking shards of melted broken glass beer bottles out of the firepit - and the the thing that really pisses me off - it is not even good beer (Corona).

Harlan Wallach said...

I am against anything going in the fire pit that is not wood. It is impossible to walk around barefoot at little camp with the glass shards around, and even sitting on the ground around the firepit is a hazard.

I thought about sending a message that I thought someone had been in the cabin before we got there. I was alarmed about the fridge door, and the screen door both being broken. However, with nothing else disturbed, I didn't know what to make of it and didn't want to send up needless alarms. Screen door could have blown open in a high wind and pulled the old screws out. Fridge door does look like a previous repair was attempted at some point, which did not hold.

Perhaps shagcam should point inward while while we are gone.