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Thursday, September 16, 2010

One bluegill, One pike, One bass

First catch - a nice blug

Rain cleared, we floated the boat and went out at dusk for our first fishing expedition of the fall trip. Recommended sound track for this post - the blues classic One bourbon, One scotch, One beer.

just a little undersized

14" on the nose


Harlan Wallach said...

Woo Hoo - good going !

Anonymous said...

great start!!
regarding the power. are you sure the lights have not been turned off on each fixture? try the pull chains for each light . I noticed when we were there the only light on was the outside light, and had to turn them on separately with the chains. the outside bulb might be burnt out.

Anonymous said...

oops, nevermind..... just realized what was in that first picture. powerline not clothesline.
looks like you will need to charge boat battery on deck, like the old days.... dad will remember when..

Jeff Carlson said...

There is no way I can prove this and you are free to doubt it, but it is an actual fact: The very moment I saw the subject line of this post, that exact song started running through my head. The John Lee Hooker version. It hasn't stopped yet. I take it as a sign.

mw said...

Completely believable and not very surprising. That particular ditty is well known in psychiatric circles as the "Alcoholic's Theme Song". It is always there - just below the conscious level - for any and all real soaks. For me, the George Thorogood version is a bit closer to the surface.