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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Your Daily San Francisco Protest

Walked by this protest at One Market on my way to a haircut.

They are mad at BevMo for some reason.

That reminds me... I need to stop by BevMo for some Red Seal Ale. They are the only ones in town to stock it regularly, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate.

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Sean Rea said...

I think this is it: I like that one of their demands is an "Immediate $1 raise".

mw said...

Great. Now I'll be paying more for my beer. Actually BevMo pissed me off. They didn't have Red Seal Ale. So now I am refusing to cross the picket line until they start stocking it again.

Lola Atkins said...

A haircut would not be proper in this given case... What's wrong with Hair-gel (perhaps from Veet or by Coty)