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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A tree comes tumbling down

You may recall that there was a downed tree on the cable and power lines from a previous post.
That was only the top half of a very tall pine tree, that we assume was struck by lightning. After removing the top half, we thought it would be prudent to cut down the bottom half. And this is how it went.

Our resident monkey climbs up the tree to secure some old rope we found in the shed.

MW starts chopping at the base of the tree.

A few gentle yanks on the rope and.....


The crew walks away, job accomplished, and no lives lost.


Brian said...

Just one more thing that has been accomplished to prove that we have had a flawless trip

mw said...

Indeed. It is worth noting that this was a precision drop. If the tree fell South, it would have taken out cable - West, it would take out the power line, North - the Rule's shed. East - our shed. The only safe drop zone was between the trees North-North East. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

good job lumber jacks! I thought the power company would have taken care of it during the winter months. go figure. Judging from the temps up there at camp, my guess is they might still come out looking for trees such as this leaning on wires. How is the tree looking that was stuck last year in the canopy between Prices cabin and ours? will you be attempting that one again too?