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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To Ab or Not to Ab? That is the question.

From: Zach Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2008 7:57 PM
Subject: RE: To Ab or Not to Ab? That is the question.

If you had chosen option A, I think the weekend would have been canceled :)

MW wrote:
Excellent! The parameters I am working with - My brother Harlan lands at SFO at 11:30 pm Thursday night (5/8) and I need to put him back on a plane at Midnight Sunday night (5/11). After I pick him up, either
A) I bring him home, we get some sleep and drive up on Friday,
-or- to maximize the time -
B) I pick him up and we drive straight to the Ab Shack, Get a couple hours sleep, and then get him in the water for neophyte Ab training during the 9AM minus tide Friday.
I am - of course - leaning toward plan B. Saturday could be a one or two dive day, with minus tide early, and ebb tide in the afternoon. Sunday morning also is a possibility or golf if we have sufficiently decimated the Ab population. Somewhere along the line I am going to try and find a trout stream for him to fish. Maybe Friday afternoon. Can adapt to your schedule if you want to drive up together. I have not heard from Rick yet. If he cannot make it, I will borrow his Ab Slicer anyway. - mw

From: Zach
Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2008 10:10 AM
Subject: Re: To Ab or Not to Ab? That is the question.

I can join you for May 9-11. SIgn me up!

MW wrote:
We are three weeks into the season, and once again I have been remiss in my duties to notify my Ab buddies of impending minus tides. Nice Minus tides from Tuesday May 6 - Sunday May 11 - Excellent for teh Abalone OMT - Old Man Technique - and to ease back into our favorite life threatening activity.
My brother will be flying through SF that weekend on his way to a conference in Viet Nam, so I would like to introduce him to the joys of ablalone diving -if the AB Shack is available on May 9-10-11. Anyone else up for an Ab weekend?
I will be flying to Chicago on May 13 or 14 and on to Michigan for my annual fishing trip, back first week in June. Big minus tide that return week in June, but not sure if I can get up there then. Sigrid and I have been invited to stay with some friends in the South of France early June - so not sure how the timing will work out. Still working on flights for that trip.

Tue 6 6:25 AM PDT / -1.81 ft
Wed 7 7:15 AM PDT / -1.88 ft
Thu 8 8:09 AM PDT / -1.71 ft
Fri 9 9:06 AM PDT / -1.38 ft
Sat 10 10:06 AM PDT / -0.95 ft
Sun 11 11:08 AM PDT / -0.49 ft
Mon 12 12:08 PM PDT / -0.03 ft
Thu 19 6:30 AM PDT / -0.86 ft
Fri 20 7:04 AM PDT / -0.84
Sat 21 7:39 AM PDT / -0.77 ft
Sun 22 8:15 AM PDT / -0.61 ft
Wed 4 6:14 AM PDT / -2.09 ft
Thu 5 7:04 AM PDT / -2.04 ft
Fri 6 7:55 AM PDT / -1.77 ft
Sat 7 8:46 AM PDT / -1.35 ft
Sun 8 9:37 AM PDT / -0.80 ft
Fri 20 7:04 AM PDT / -0.84 ft
Sat 21 7:39 AM PDT / -0.77 ft
Sun 22 8:15 AM PDT / -0.61 ft
Mon 23 8:52 AM PDT / -0.35 ft

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