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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guest Bloggers for the Spring Fishing Trip and Tech Vendors Hall of Shame

Due to a cascading set of technical problems, caused by many of my technology providers, I have been unable to begin mobile blogging for the spring fishing trip. My current technology vendor Hall of Shame:
Verizon Mobile customer support, who insisted on updating my TREO 700 software on-line, resulting in the destruction of all data and functionality in the device, including the ability to make or receive calls. They then assured me a replacement phone would arrive in San Francisco on Tuesday before I left for Chicago on Wednesday. It did not, resulting in scramble to get the phone redirected to a Chicago address where I am at today. We orginally planned to be driving to the U.P. of Michigan now, but instead I am sitting here waiting for the phone to arrive and losing a day of our fishing holiday. Thank you Verizon Mobile. Any bets on whether I will be able to get my Treo restored and activiated quickly when it finally arrives?

Network Solutions, who hosts my domain and primary e-mail account, and has somehow corrupted my Inbox so that I can no longer download my e-mails to any mail client. Waiting for e-mail notification of the repair.

Dell Computers and Microsoft, who did not provide a backup Windows disk with my Dell Laptop, requiring a paid call to on-line Dell support to restore Windows when Windows refused to boot. Since then the drivers for the CD/DVD player recorder has not worked, aggravating any efforts to work-around my TREO mobile blogging difficulties.

I am adding nephews Roy and Brian as guest co-bloggers to the MW Mobile Blog for the duration of the Michigan fishing trip. No telling how this will turn out.


It's not my fault.

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