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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jonah ponders his next move,

After enjoying yooper soul food for lunch.


Jeff Carlson said...

Go for it, Jonah!

Negaunee, May 28
Chess Players Go Head To Head In Tournament

A two-day chess tournament in Negaunee this weekend brought out some of the Upper Peninsula's best chess players. Eight competitors faced off in the five round U.S. Chess Federation Rated Tournament.

The players that proved to be the best out of the bunch walked home with cash prizes.

"It's a challenge," says Philip Taskila of the Lake Superior Chess Association. "It makes you use those little grey cells. You don't have to be good to play it, you just have to like to play it. Win or lose, it's a fun game."

Three rounds were played Saturday, with the two final rounds Sunday afternoon before the winner of the tournament was announced.

Robert John and James Dowling of Marquette tied for first place, with new comer Mathew Butts earning the highest unrated score.

The U.P. Chess Championship will be held this August in Escanaba.

mw said...

Good catch on the tourney. Jonah will be ready for the Championship in August.BTW- I kicked his ass.