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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Brian decided he wanted a turtle of his own.

Actually the great turtle hunter was working under contract to Poppa, who had posted a bounty on this beastie. Whitney is scored an assist on the capture.


Anonymous said...

Po Po otherwise known as Poseidon (5yrs old now and look how big he is) residing at pa pa's house says if you want a turtle take me. I dont mind being the visiting turtle. I'd like all the attention. and when you get tired of me, i will be glad to go back to papa or katie.
Turtles live a long time! once you tame them you cant really release them back to the wilderness. Consider the commitment. And Aunt Robyn will help with his care. and babysitting when you are out of town on vacation. Po po says please consider catch and release when it comes to baby turtles. Im a good boy who likes humans.

Anonymous said...

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If only Brian would go grow out a muulet, people would think he was a native.

my long day begins - here in Xian, and ends in about 40 hours on that deck.

Brian said...

The turtle was caught on papas orders, it is a gift for a friend of his back home