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Friday, April 17, 2009

Nada no Sakagura

On this morning's itinerary, we decide to explore the Sake breweries in the Nada district. But first we have to get there.

Our guide Hayley is otherwise engaged, but counseled us that "It is impossible to get lost in Japan. Just stand near a map looking confused, and someone will come up to help you." This proved to be true.

We figured out the trains, and walked down a well paved river to the Sake breweries and museum.

Not sure what this guy was fishing for... he was using a small hook in very shallow water. I thought I saw a small fish darting in and out of the rocks near his line. No idea what it was.

We first toured the Kikumasamure Sake Museum and then walked down the street Hamafukitsuru - Ginjo brewery.

We learned quite a bit about the process of making Sake, both ancient and modern. We sampled more than a few. We also learned about unpasteurized "new sake" which is bottled fresh at the completion of the brewing process. This sake cannot be exported, as it must be kept refrigerated and consumed within a few weeks of purchase. Some scenes from the excursion:

Sampling sake

At the Hamafukutsuru brewery, a Japanese tour guide leading a small group decided that Lisa needed help and attention with her Sake selections, and also advised us on a small traditional brewery that he recommended for lunch.

We caught a cab, and after finding a English speaking waiter to translate the menu, we enjoyed a great meal of sobe noodles, accompanied by a variety of small tofu, sashimi and soup dishes. I can't remember the name of this brewery but will update thsi post if/when I find it.

Due to a dearth of cabs, the walk back to the train station was a bit longer and more adventurous than we intended, but - no harm no foul. We made it back with our sake in time to meet Haley and friends for dinner.

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