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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fine Dining in Kobe

Dinner with Hayley, her adopted family, and friends in Japan. Her host-mom wore a beautiful formal kimono for the the occasion. 

The name of the restaurant is written on a card in Kanji, and I will later substitute the correct transliteration once educated by Hayley. It offered traditional Japanese fare, but with western fusionist twists. We had a choice of Western or Japanese style seating. Hayley took pity on some of the old knees present on the dinner and arranged for Western style.


It was a prix-fixe dinner menu with many small courses - I lost count how many. Each dish was a work of art and utterly delicious. I cannot begin to describe (or even identify) all the courses, so will simply include a selection of photos from the meal.

I think I got most of the courses.

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