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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving Day

We check out of the New Otoni in Kobe bound for Kyoto. Stan is now the Sensei Master of the train schedule. He figured out we can catch the Super Rapid Express to Kyoto at noon. The only problem is getting all our luggage out of the hotel, to the train station, and on the commuter train at a time when it is hopefully not packed with - you know - commuters.

Long - short... It all worked our remarkably well.

In the Kyoto cab from the train to the hotel....
The driver was watching a Japanese soap opera on his dashboard TV while driving us to the hotel. No shit. Really. He was.

In the lobby of the Hotel Monterey Kyoto - Sigrid and Lisa working on upgraded rooms.

After settling in, we explore the neighborhood. For dinner we find a Yakitori that met our exacting requirement for Japanese restaurants - to whit: pictures in the menu.

This item was identified by the waitress as "Maybe beef"...

I'm thinking "maybe horse".

Lisa keeps poking at a translucent item on the table, thinking it is like a mood ring...
The waitress shows up saying "You push that - I come."

This is what we ate...

I don't know what it was.

NOTE TO READER: I skipped a few days of posts. Just got too far behind. I'll I fill them in as time permits. Really.

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