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Sunday, January 4, 2009

19th hole

MW 95 with 8 skins
DH 96 with 7 skins
RE 112 with 2 skins

I asked Roy what happened since our last outing, when we was 18 strokes better. He looked at me sadly and said - "lessons". Poor bastard. Roy dedicated his round to Zwicker, who usually is the one to post these straospheric scores.

And so, the first round of 2009 is in the books.


Rick said...

I hardly know where to start. Should I be flattered that Roy's round was dedicated to me, or just mortified? After watching Adam's perfect swing for the last two weeks, it was painful to watch you guys. But at least I'll be in good company next time we play. I'm looking forward to it. Just say when.
Your humble servant,

fiona said...

LOL I just posted reg 19th hole!

mw said...

We'll see if any of that "perfect swing" has rubbed off on you.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Checked out your blog post - You would appreciate the "19th hole" even more if you spent some time on the first 18. It is said that a bottle of scotch is the size that it is because it contains exactly 18 shots of whiskey - one per hole.