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Monday, September 22, 2008

We have wood.

Left a message for Dale Barnett at 9. He returned the call at 10. By 2 he and his wife were here unloading 2 cords. He is the most reliable guy in the UP. After we unloaded the pickup, we sat on the deck and drank a bud. He is an interesting guy. Navy man and Vietnam vet.

HW wants to move the stack into thewoodshed. I'll wait until he gets here.

More importantly, we can immediately return to our profligate wood-burning, global-warming-inducing ways.

Verizon is refusing to accept mms uploads from my TREO now,even though it worked yesterday. So I am back to the old technique of downloading images and posting from my laptop. This means less timely but better quality pictures.

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