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Saturday, September 27, 2008

John McCain says horse shit during Debate

Somehow MW missed this on the DWSUWF blog....

UPDATED: 9/27/08 10:18 PM EDITOR'S (MW) NOTES:

As I said in the comments: "Obama is talking horse shit. McCain identifies it as horse shit. Sounds like straight talk to me."

Consider: If Obama wins the the election, he will have a potential 100 seat Democratic majority in the house and a potential 60/40 filibuster proof Democratic majority in the Senate. It will be the greatest concentration of power in a single man and single party in the United States in the lifetime of any one reading this blog. Why people would trust this much power to one man and one party is beyond me, but hey - Obama has the "youth vote" - who knows what hard fought freedoms these kids are willing to give up?

If you have any doubt whether single party Democratic government will be just as corrupt and just as wrong headed as single party Republican government, just look up the history of the 92-94 Congress.

Since one of the first things the Democrats will do is undermine free speech guarantees in the Constitution by passing some version of the "Fairness Doctrine" I just thought it would be a good idea to get ahead of the curve now, and provide some Divided & Balanced ™ YouTube coverage of the debate in this post:

Original Posters Note: (Roy) 9-29-08, 10:37 am EST

As I said in the comments, John McCain is 4 more years of a cowboy presidency. He does not have the cool head and good judgement to make thoughtful, rational decisions. His "straight talk express" does no good if he proclaims every thought that is going through his head. Simple truth--the Republicans have made things really bad over the past 8 years in power, John McCain supported it, and there needs to be radical government action to fix these problems. The grid lock of Divided Government will not solve the problems we face today. Lets look at the competence of McCain's #2.

The past is prologue. We have seen One Party Rule before. The young generation ignores the past at its peril, and is doomed to repeat it.

Meet the New Boss...


mw said...

I knew it was a mistake to leave my nephew as a contributor on the blog. Still, it is good to know that John McCain is living up to his reputation as a straight talker. Obama is talking horse shit. McCain identifies it as horse shit. Sounds like straight talk to me.

Roy said...

All this proves is that John McCain does not have the ability to control himself in diplomatic situations. Do we really want this guy having discussion with foreign leaders, swearing at them when he hears something that isn't favorable for him?

mw said...

Horse shit is swearing? Ok - I'll go with it. Yes I would prefer a President that calls horse shit "horse shit", rather than a President that is spewing horse shit and pretending it is something else.

BTW - How do you feel about guest bloggers swearing in a post title on a family fishing blog?

Typical Obama acolyte behavior.

Roy said...

This blog is not a national debate, or an important international forum. The United States needs a president who has better judgement and a cooler head. Not another cowboy who shoots from the hip.

Typical Ideological Zealot. Will not abandon the trees for the forest.

Unknown said...

"Straight talk" does not mean saying whatever pops off the top of your head. McCain is dangerous.

Negotiations with Iran will go badly if he sings, "Bomb Iran" laughs and then add, "Insensitive to what [sic]? Iranians? [laugh]"

You can watch him do all of the above. Republicans for Obama. stop the madness.