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Saturday, November 24, 2018

There's no place like drone - MW Morpheus Log Day 4 -11/24 4:00 PM Ship Time

Miles Traveled:666
Miles To Go (to Antigua): 2020
Heading: 230
Average Speed: 8-10 knots
Fastest Ride so Far: Kim with 15.3 knots on Nov 23 - Undefeated and Still Champ
Butter Indicator: Not Melted

Thought of the Day:
"An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force." - Isaac Newton

The "Wing and Wing" is working well, but to push our heading further south (to melt the butter) we needed to gybe (jibe?). To a land-lubber like myself, that means we had to switch the position of the mainsail and jib. The mainsail is now the right wing and the jib the left wing. Coincidently, the wind is now aligning with the swells and we are enjoying the very definition of Smooth Sailing.

Poll Question: When used as a verb past tense, is it spelled Gybed or Jibed?

Respond on Morpheus Text Message with your answer.

With no stress to speak of, Jim felt obligated to create some by flying his drone. I was the designated catcher. I explained to Jim that every experience I have ever seen with a drone in wind involved either the drone flying away unitl it becomes a small black dot in the sky and then disappears - or - it flies into a tree and breaks into pieces. There are no trees here.

Rather than explain this entire episode, which would require too many words, and with a picture being worth 1,000 words, I will simply invoke a panel of pictures which you will see someday.

Panel 1: Close up of drone leaving hand with big ocean in background.
Panel 2: Picture of Big Blue Sky with puffy white clouds and a tiny black dot receding in the far distance
Panel 3: Jim hunched over a drone handheld controller with a very worried look on his face. Mike shielding the screen from glare of the sun with his hat as it is almost impossible to see screen.
Panel 4: Picture of small blue sailboat in a great big ocean taken from a drone very high and very far away.

There are a few more details, but with SailMail text limitations we'll have to wrap it up here.

Late in the day we hailed by the "King's Ransom" - a self described "fat pig catamaran" also heading for Antigua on Channel 16. They claimed they could see us, but we never saw them. Still looking.

I want to clear up one thing. I don't believe I adequately explained the sandwich we had for lunch yesterday and today, describing it simply as leftover turkey. That was not right.

It was really an entire Thanksgiving dinner between two slices of bread. The turkey slices were smothered in cornbread, sausage, leek and cranberry stuffing, also spread with garlic and butternut squash, apples and raison. Added cucumbers for crunch and mayo and mustard because sandwich.

Pork Curry tonight. Update tomorrow. - mw


My intent is to cross-post daily logs to MW Mobile Blog and Jim & Deb's Morpheus Sailing Blog from SailMail while en-route. Due to the technology limitations, these will be short, text-only posts. I'll backfill pictures and video once I am home again. Eventually.

PostScript - As a courtesy I give all on-board an opportunity to add comments here on the bottom of post prior to transmission if they so desire:

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