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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Place Your Bets -MW Morpheus Log Day 9 -11/29 8:00 PM Ship Time (GMT)

Miles Traveled:1,564
Miles To Go (to Antigua): 1,165
Heading: 225
Current Speed: 8.5 knots
Fastest Ride so Far: Jim/Otto with a 17.2 Knot mark on 11/26
Butter Indicator: Schrodinger's Butter is in a Superposition Quantum Wave Function where it is both melted and unmelted until someone opens the lid

Thought of the Day:
"Fry 'em" - Jurist in "My Cousin Vinnie"

Same as it ever was... Same as it ever was... Same as it ever was ....

Casino Morpheus:
The Antigua Arrival crew betting pool has been settled.

Volumes I and II of the rules, codicels, exceptions, tie-breakers, etc. are too extensive to be transmitted via SailMail so we will maintain these on a 50 gigabyte thumbdrive on board.

Antigua Arrival Date: Dec 6
Hours:<< 0-4 [KC] 4-8 [JG] 8-12 [DJ] 12-15 [KC] 15-18 [DG] 18-21 [MW] 21-24 [JG]
Antigua Arrival Date: Dec 7
Hours: 0-4 [DJ] 4-8 [JG] 8-12 [DG] 12-15 [DG] 15-18 [KC] 18-21 [MW] 21-24 [DG]
Antigua Arrival Date: Dec 8
Hours: 0-4 [JG] 4-8 [DJ] 8-12 [KC] 12-15 [DJ] 15-18 [MW] 18-21 [MW] >>

We've enjoyed two meals of the Dorado with at least one more meal pending. Fishing will resume tomorrow.

Leftover Rum Cake for Breakfast. Chilaquelles for Brunch. Dorado Sushi Rolls for dinner appetizer (except for Jim, who had a mystery meat byproduct roll instead). Seared pork & rice with ratatullie (sp) for the main course.

Last night's movie night on the mainsail "My Cousin Vinnie" was interrupted midway due to technical difficulties. The movie will probably resume tonight, although I am not sure why. The ending is clear - [SPOILER ALERT] The two New Jersey kids are found guilty and electrocuted - mw

My intent is to cross-post daily logs to my blog MW Mobile Blog ( and Jim & Deb's Morpheus Sailing Blog from SailMail. Due to the technology limitations, these will be short -text only - posts. I'll backfill pictures and video once I am home again.

PostScript - All on-board have an opportunity to add comments here on the bottom of post prior to transmission if they so desire:
Casualtes: 1 clothespin lost overboard.
Repaired: Hinge on chart table lid, 3 screws pulled out .Match sticks pressed in place and screws re secured. 3 year warranty.
Observation: After many days of seeing just about nothing in the ocean today we are seeing many bits and small clumps of light brown seaweed. It is our belief that it is Saragaso seaweed.
Rebooted : All B&G instruments and ships computer.

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