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Thursday, May 12, 2016


After our great (but LONG) day with Honor Flight Chicago, the general family consensus was that Dad would be too exhausted to make the 6+ hour drive up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as planned.

I, myself, was in agreement with this assessment. I, myself, told everyone that we would play it by ear, see how dad felt in the morning, and decide then. Cousins Ken and Donna were planning to join us at the lake for a few days so I, myself, talked to them and told them we would possibly delay the trip by a day. Then, on Thursday I, myself, slept in late.

When I awoke at 9:30, Dad had been up for 2 hours, was dressed, showered, and shaved and asked me "When are we going?"

So we went.

In Menominee we got gas for $2.21 gallon...

... and picked up an emergency supply of Colonel K's Drive-Thru Pasties.

We were joined a few hours later by Ken, Donna, David, and Adam.

This was their first visit and they are the first representatives of the Sam and Phyllis clan at Shag Lake. And their first experience eating a pastie.

 Which Ken kept calling a pasty.  Not the same. That evening and the next morning we compared notes on the drive, got reacquainted, observed a speed chess exhibition, and made plans for their short visit. 

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