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Friday, May 20, 2016

A Walk in the Woods - 2016 Edition

It was time for another walk in the woods. The family commercial forest, originally purchased as an investment by my grandfather, is now in fourth generation hands. It was due for a walkabout with  professional foresters. We were looking for advice on the timing for the next selective cut to benefit the growth, health and investment in the forestland timber. Identified simply as "The Forties" among the family, it was assessed three years ago and last cut fifteen years before. This outing the family was represented by  me, Emily, Brian and we were accompanied by foresters Ken and Mike. They've worked with us before and know the property well.

Ken and Mike marking the property and measuring trees
A warm beautiful day for a walk, but this being the U.P. in the spring, we were prepared for the spring insect onslaught. Still, we were surprised. The expected ticks were virtually non-existent, but the no-see-ums and and flies were AWESOME!  I mean "Coughing On Inhaled Insects" awesome.

The white specks are bugs in the halo around our heads caught by the flash

I'm always a bit frustrated when posting pictures on a walk like this. Photos do not do it justice. The closest I can get is using panorama pics which I'll include in excess.

Over the beaver dam and into the woods
Into the woods we go...

Brian and Ken
A rare sighting - Spruce Hen
With the extinction of the DoDo, the Spruce Hen moved up to become dumbest bird on the planet
Consensus - fresh bear tracks
Woodpecker work

A good day. A good walk. We finished by introducing Brian to Cudighi - Yooper haute cuisine he had not enjoyed before - at Ralph's Italian Deli in Ishpeming,  Ralph's was recently recommended by a usually reliable local source.

Cudighi with the works at Ralphs

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