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Saturday, May 14, 2016

First Fish

On our first outing, Adam gets the first fish.
Uncle Sam loved fishing. All the more reason why it was important to have his kids and grandkids introduced to fishing on Shag Lake.  That said, the weather was not what we would normally consider to be optimal for a pleasurable day on the lake. But, we only had a couple of days, so...

Despite the inclement weather, we were able to prevail, and between the dock and pontoon boat, we had some success and caught some fish.

Adam also caught the largest fish

Which by default also gave Adam "Most Fish" honors. A clean sweep.

More fishing was attempted from the dock, with some additional success.

Unfortunately David was skunked.

But David did successfully ignite the bonfire with one match, and  won at Hearts and Chess. So there is that.

While we did not have enough for a full fry, we did prepare the fish caught by our newest visitor as an appetizer for their farewell feast.  

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