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Monday, April 22, 2013

Morpheus is back in the water, Jim is up the mast and bacon.

Quite the operation
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Morpheus made it back into the water without incident on  Monday AM.

Captain is nervous as she is lowered in the water
 She is now safely berthed at at the Marina.

All's well that ends well
 A lot of work is need to get her ready for the hop across the pond.  The primary job consists of unloading everything from Morpheus, then load it bck in a configuration suitable for a moving sailboat.

And Jim had to attach some lines way up there...

All's well that ends well
 Plus procure and  prepare food to supply a crew of four for two weeks.

Kim and... bacon!!!
 Jim wisely added a professional chef to the crew.

 It was a long day today, but we got a lot done. More pics later [MW -added and edited]. At this point it is unclear whether we'll cast off for the Azores on Tuesday or Wednesday. But it's getting closer.

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