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Monday, April 29, 2013

MW Ship's Log April 28 - Of Fishing, Brats and Beer. But no beer.

We motored from Happy Hour on Saturday until midnight Sunday night. By the time I came on watch at 1AM this morning the motor was off and we were sailing again. The disadvantage of motoring is that it is kind of noisy and smelly and we don't carry enough fuel to do this for more than a couple of days. The advantage is that it's easy, we have a predictable consistent heading and speed, and consequently we can do things like grill brats.on the aft mounted gas grill, have a Happy Hour and fish.

By mid-morning we had two lines in the water. Chris' rod & reel with the ever popular cedar plug, and a hand-line with black feathery mimicking a squid.

 Late afternoon we caught our first fish on the hand line. It was a team effort. Bob selected the lure and deployed the line. Kim spotted the hooked fish on the hand line, I hauled it in and filleted it. It was not a big fish, and we are sure exactly what it was. About 16" in length, the olive gold fish was not much bigger than a keeper bass pulled from Big Shag Lake. Still got a couple of nice fillets out of it. We will update this post with pictures and an ID when we are again connected on the intertubes. As is our wont - the entire fish cycle was over documented for the ages. The fishing, the filleting, and the best part - the cooking and eating will all be presented here in good time.

Mere hours after swimming happily in the Atlantic, our fish was the centerpiece of another Comfort Classic for dinner - Thai Style Green Fish Curry over rice noodles.

 Ingredients included (but were not limited to): garlic, ginger, tomato, corn, coconut milk, cumin, and other spices. It was every bit as good as it sounds.

For the Sunday Happy Hour - we again had a split vote on the most exciting / interesting thing that happened in the previous 24 hours. The very popular decision to reinstate Happy Hour with Dark & Stormys was an early favorite for the voting, but surprisingly did not garner a vote today. The final tally for today's secret ballot was:

* One vote for First Fish caught
* One vote for the incredible Vista of Stars before moonrise during night watch.
* Two votes for Jim's lunch preparation - Grilled Brats.

The grilled brats were particularly significant because this was the first time Morpheus' new gas grill was used to prepare a meal on a passage. Plus the brats were really really good. After that meal I will never again bring up the whole sorry episode of Jim cooking hot dog with Kraft macaroni and cheese on a previous passage.

Beer would, of course, have been appropriate with the brats, but instead a Rose' was selected as the Happy Hour libation of choice over my objection. I will, however, grudgingly admit the 2011 La Croix du Pin Cinsault was an excellent pairing for the fish curry.

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