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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bay 2 Breakers - Photo Essay

The bottom of the hill

After almost 30 years in the City, at the 100 year anniversary of the race, it was time to show up and take a few pictures. I thought it would be mostly over by the time I got to to Hayes and Van Ness. Looking up the hill, recognized a few thousand of my closest friends, so decided to walk along for a while.

The top of the hill.

And they just keep coming

Officer confiscates alcohol...

It's kind of like draining the oceans with a teaspoon.

Dancing in the park

In this race...if you are not up front...

... you are behind.

Fishing for runners - a big one takes the bait.

My favorite character/costume - Sisyphus.

Photo Op

Team Honey Badger

Power slide in Alamo Park

What can I say? It's weird. It's fun. It's San Francisco.

Pacifica Patch was a sponsor, reported on the event, and has a bunch more pictures linked here. Check it out.

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