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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is there no end to these cousins?

What does it mean to travel to the ends of the earth and find that one cannot cross the street without tripping over more cousins than one can count?

Old cousins and new cousins...

Cousins getting married. Cousins plying you with craft brews. Cousins picking you up and dropping you off and hauling your sorry ass all over the state. Cousins offering tours of their estate. Cousins singing and dancing. Cousins offering gourmet meals at their home and at fine dining establishments and enticing you with handcrafted brewshome grown quince jellies and homemade breads.

Now, I am not implying that the towns of Portland, Corvallis and Philomath, Oregon represent the ends of the earth. However, most agree that they are well within spitting distance. But I digress...

Not too long ago Cousin Rob posted this on his facebook page:
"I treated myself to my favorite breakfast (made by me): Omelette with feta cheese, spinach and greek olives with bacon along with a toasted sesame bagel and a large non-fat extra hot latte. Yummmmm."
In response I shamelessly demanded the same breakfast for my upcoming visit. Hence my next stop on the continuing Cousins at the Ends of the Earth Extravaganza Tour - Cousins Rob and Paula and Mariya and Athena and Mindon and a breakfast for the ages...

Yum indeed. More pics linked here.

Then - back to Corvallis, where cousin Rob hands me off to cousins Matt, Tina, and Kira.
We drive back through Albany to visit with Don and Betty and on to Jefferson for a brief repeat visit with cousin Brent. Finally back to Portland again. I check back in to the Grand Hyatt Mantarea where the resident chef cousins planked a copper river salmon on the grill, served with swiss chard and artisinal bread. Apparently all of my multitude of cousins are gourmands.

Double yum.

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