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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Free beer! Free tacos! At Nick's Crispy Tacos

Is this the best taco in San Francisco?
Well. Yeah.

Our local neighborhood eatery/nightclub/sports bar Rouge / Nick's Crispy Tacos runs a regular "Taco Tuesday" Facebook promotion:
"Taco Tuesday Raffle! Planning on checking out Taco Tuesday tomorrow? Well then you will want to enter this raffle. Winner gets a 6pack of famous tacos from Nick's, a 6pack of Bud Lights from Rouge & a high in demand Booth reserved from 8pm till we close! **Just like this status and Please check back at 12pm tomorrow(Tuesday) to see if you Won!**"
I supplemented  my entry with weeks of whining and begging in the comments. Finally they caved and made me the winner. Invited cousins Sean and Katie to enjoy the repast.

I suspected they ran this promotion to get traffic on a slow night. Wrong.  The line was around the door. But since we were the winners,  restaurant manager Manny cut us in front of the line, across the velvet rope and guided us through the crowd to our premier booth:

The fish tacos, were not part of the promotion, so I went with the carnitas.  I suppose I could complain about the choice of beer, but it was - you know - free, so that might seem ungracious of me.  Anyway, Bud Light is not so bad with Margarita chasers. Great food and a fun night catching up with Sean and Katie.

Life is good.

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