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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rob Craigie Opening at Haines Gallery: "The Healing Powers of Scotch"

That headline for the SF Chron article reviewing the gallery opening caught my attention. The artist's name for the installation was "The Expanding Color System" :
After his second knee surgery, Rob Craigie finally took the advice of his father. He switched to scotch for the pain. It got him through his third knee surgery and the three screws drilled into his hip, so Thursday evening he is sharing the medicine with anyone who follows the moan of bagpipes to Haines Gallery, on the fifth floor of 49 Geary St. The piper will be in a kilt, and so will a barman offering wee drams from each of eight bottles of increasing complexity. Craigie did not blend the whiskey. He is not that kind of artist. But he rebottled it, in a variety of sizes, and he painted the bottles and designed the labels, and he suffered for his art. Tacked to the wall above the glass dump bucket is a sign that says "Bar Open." Beneath it is a clipboard that lists all the injuries and surgeries that Craigie has endured. "During this time," it sums up, "I learned to drink hard alcohol, especially Scotch whiskey."
It seemed like an great opportunity for me to further my appreciation of art for art's sake.

And the scotch. 

The samples were small but the selection was excellent.

Art is good.

The above is a general statement. 

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Civic Center said...

Art is Good, except when it's Bad or Mediocre.

I guess that would be more of a conditional statement than a general one.

The Scotch-infused exhibit looks Great.

mw said...

Indeed. And the art on display in this exhibition undoubtedly falls under one of those conditions.

But I am positively disposed to be of a more generous spirit with artists who are disposed to be generous with their fine old spirits.