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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Tale of Two Fish

For the science majors: Who has the bigger fish? Who has longer arms?     
We finally had a solid fishing day. Weather was perfect, lake was calm, Dad and Jeff each caught a keeper bass, as well as a few blugs. They were eaten by the end of the day.

Yes - It is an Old Style. Sometimes these things are unavoidable.
Fishing is serious business

First keeper bass of the season

Facebook time!

Wait for us.
Then Jeff got one too.

 One fish. Two fish. Green fish. Blue fish.

fileted and ready for a newish recipe attempt (bar poche au vin)

First a layer of fileted lake fish

Then a layer of carrots, onions, and herbs

Cover in wine or champagne, poach, separate, reduce, sauce and eat.

Accompanied by brown rice medley, green salad and wine

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nanci said...

Looks fantastic-love your blog! nanci