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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another day at the Open

Back for the final round
My Goddaughter Marisa came up with tickets and took me to the Open for Father's Day.  I decided that this godfather gig is a pretty good deal. All the good stuff about having a daughter and none of the worries.

Els missing putt on 14
Very different conditions from yesterday.  Cold, wind;damp and fog - which is to say - normal San Francisco summer weather.  Marisa wanted pictures of Tiger.

Marisa and Tiger on 5th tee
I'm not sure why - Tiger had already dropped 4 additional strokes by the time we saw him on the 5th tee. He was not even doing as well as Beau - the seventeen year old high school phenom who briefly led the Open on Friday.

Marisa and Beau on 5th tee

We eventually made it to the 14th green grandstands for more Tiger.

More Tiger
Furyk had not completely blown it yet when we saw the leaders at 14...

Marisa, Furyk and McDowell
I still can't believe that Furyk blew it. He folded like cheap suit. He choked like a 30 handicap with a Benjamin on the line. He folded like a lawn chair. Whatever. It was a fun day. 

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