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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PG&E Russian Hill SNAFU - Day 2

Just like the good old days
A brief power outage can remind us of what life was like in a simpler time, back when people had to read their Kindles by candlelight.

But this PG&E created power outage is now over 24 hours and is getting old.

Looks like we are going to need a lot of new cable under the street.

UPDATE: 40 hours into the scheduled 7 hour outage, we finally got our power back. But not before losing a freezer full of food.

Sad.  I really like those frozen fruit bars. Just another day in the life in the Banana Republic of San Francisco.  Even the foremost chronicler of tales of the City decided he's had enough.


Civic Center said...

Wow. You mean Charlotte Maillard Schultz has been without power for 40 hours? She and George probably own a ton of PG&E stock as part of their portfolio, so you might want to ask her nicely if she'd please kick some ass at the next shareholders' meeting.

PG&E, which for decades used to be a fairly dependable local utility monopoly, has now been so nationally conglomeratized and stripped for profits that the only way to get their attention is when they blow up a neighborhood, and seemingly even that's not enough.

mw said...

Unlike some of us, I suspect that Charlotte and George had the good sense to not be anywhere close during the time that PG&E notified us they would be cutting our power for "seven" hours.