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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So this happened....

 PGE scheduled a shut off electricity to our building from 8:30 to 3:00 while they work down a manhole on our corner. Shortly after 3:00 there is an explosion and smoke comes out of the manhole.

This can't be good

Soon the small crew (of subcontractors) that did the initial work are gone, replaced by a virtual army of PG&E employees (and more subcontractors) that stretched around the block.

I counted at least 20 workers and 12 trucks on our corner alone. 

Not all of them seemed to have a lot to do.

As it does not look like we will have electricity for a while..

I hoof it down Nick's Crispy Tacos to pick up dinner.  To be enjoyed by candlelight.

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Anonymous said...

any idea what caused the explosion?

-brian (ms1)

mw said...

PGE blamed the subcontractor. The subcontractor blamed the installation of a defective switch. I think they failed to plan adequately, failed to replace some of the older cabling when they added the new switch, had insufficient oversight of the subcontractor who probably got it wired wrong. When they energized something shorted and the electrical fire resulted. Then they had no choice but to replace the old cable. Just my uniformed opinion. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.