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Friday, June 29, 2012

A good day to dive

conditions were spooky great
Two days before the season closes in July, conditions are darn near perfect. Diving with Doug in great viz and almost no swells. Zach was supposed to dive with us, but he still cannot get his priorities straight between quarter ends and waiting abs.  Uploading misc pics now, with update with commentary and video later.

Sea and Sky
For future reference, this is what "darn near perfect" looks like

Doug doesn't think I should ride the top of the tube like this. Bad Form



and more abs.

We could pick and choose

And Doug added some blackies

Doug making some tough decisions

Doug's choice

A good choice

The sun emerged

Zach finally arrives. He needs to get his priorities right. Quarter-end or abalone? C'mon.
The take

Some good eating in the works


HDW said...

Wow - great day ! I miss being here for this. I thought Doug had left NOCAL for Medford ?

mw said...

They are mostly moved. Their Gualala house is in escrow, and this was their final clean-out weekend. Doug scheduled it so we could get in some dives before the break.

He plans to drive down for another go in August when the season reopens.